Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The purpose of this website is to provide online information about First Congregational United Church of Christ of Brainerd, Minnesota including ways to connect with our activities and ministries.  Our church is responsible for the information on this website.

Information displayed is as accurate as possible, after being reviewed on the day of its publication. First Congregational makes every effort to insure the information, content and links are correct and accurate. The Church does not warrant that all material is current and error-free. We appreciate hearing about inaccuracies so we can make necessary updates. Please email us at web@uccbrainerd.org.

First Congregational United Church of Christ assumes no responsibility in the event of any loss or damage but we do attempt to keep this site free of viruses and bugs and to make it user friendly.

Unless otherwise stated, all information, photos and videos on this website are under copyright protection by First Congregational United Church of Christ and should only be used with express written permission from the church.

These Terms of Use may be changed at any time without warning.



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